Europe’s warm summer breaks records

Key takeaways: 

  • This late spring was the most sultry on record in Europe, as per information from EU satellite checking.
  • A progression of outrageous heatwaves and a long-running dry spell saw June, July, and August break the past good grade for temperature.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service said the information showed August in Europe was the hottest on record by “a significant room for error.”

Around the world, analysts say August was the third hottest yet recorded.

It will not shock any individual who encountered this late spring’s extreme intensity across the mainland that the temperature record across Europe has been broken overwhelmingly.

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As per information from Copernicus, this year saw another record for the late spring overall and the long stretch of August.

The late spring was 0.4C hotter than the record, set barely a year ago.

August was an incredible 0.8C hotter than that same month in 2018.

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