Climate change: Greenland’s culture changes as the Arctic warms up

Key takeaways:

  • Ice sheets more excellent than city blocks loom through the fog as Kaleeraq Mathaeussen pulls in halibut from the freezing waters individually.
  • “Each season isn’t how it used to be,” he says. It’s become windier and more erratic.

More than 250km (155 miles) inside the Cold Circle, the seaside town of Ilulissat in western Greenland is likewise a bustling port.

Kaleeraq has been fishing the waters here since he was 14 years of age and, as different local people, has noticed switches up him.

In winter, he used to go on the ice with a sled pulled by his canines. Be that as it may, the ocean no longer freezes like it used to.

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“Starting around 2001, I saw the colder time of year seasons in Disko Cove didn’t have as much ice,” he says.

“I was extremely stressed when I began to see that the ice hindrance was getting more fragile and seeing such a galactic change in the environment,” he makes sense.

“Today, it is unusual and hazardous to go fishing with my sled canines,” he explains. He quit sledding a long time back and now just fish by boat.

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