Sydney Sweeney to star in the Sony remake of “Barbarella”

Sydney Sweeney to Star in Sony's 'Barbarella' Remake
Sydney Sweeney to star in the Sony remake of "Barbarella"

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  • Sydney Sweeney, the performer from “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” will star in a new movie based on the 1968 science fiction picture “Barbarella,” which starred Jane Fonda.

“Euphoria” and “The White Lotus” entertainer Sydney Sweeney will star in another film motivated by the 1968 sci-fi film “Barbarella” that featured Jane Fonda, a person with information on the undertaking told TheWrap.

The new “Barbarella” movie is set at Sony Pictures, yet the movie is in the early turn of events and doesn’t yet have an essayist or chief connected. In any case, Sweeney would likewise chief produce the undertaking.

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Barbarella featured Fonda as a space traveler from the 41st century who embarks on finding and stopping an insidious researcher named Durand who intends to utilize a beam weapon to carry fiendish back into the universe and takes steps to obliterate all of mankind.

Roger Vadim coordinated the movie, Fonda’s then, at that point, spouse, who transformed the comic series by Jean-Claude Woods into an adapted yet additionally hyper-sexualized story, with Vadim initially moving toward other sex images of the day like Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren to play the lead as Barbarella. 

Sydney Sweeney to Star in Sony's 'Barbarella' Remake
Sydney Sweeney to Star in Sony’s ‘Barbarella’ Remake. Image from The Wrap

However, it made an unassuming $2.5 million in the cinematic world; it was the second-most famous film in the UK and has since turned into a clique film that has had swells all through sci-fi, mainstream society, and design.

Sweeney has matched Sony on two other forthcoming ventures, including the Wonder film “Madame Web,” which stars Dakota Johnson, and another bundle they procured called “The Enrollment.” She’ll likewise star in a movie called “Public Hymn” close by Paul Walter Hauser, Simon Rex, and Halsey.

Sweeney is addressed by Worldview and Hansen, Jacobson, and Teller.

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