On Wednesday, the American’s four years of captivity in Russia ended

the American's four years of captivity in Russia ended
the American's four years of captivity in Russia ended

The Biden administration has stated that it “won’t stop” until Paul Whelan is freed from Russian custody.

Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine detained in a Russian labor camp for four years as of Wednesday expected to allegations of espionage, is still the prey of pressure from the Biden administration.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the White House is still dedicated to getting Whelan released in a statement that was made on the anniversary of his arrest.

Paul Whelan has been wrongfully imprisoned in Russia for four years, and as the President and I have promised the Whelan family, we won’t give up until all Americans can rejoice in Paul’s release.

Biden administration; mage from Yahoo

On the eve of the newyear in 2018, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) revealed that it had arrested Michigan resident Whelan as part of a “spy assignment.”

Furthermore, according to the White House, Whelan, 52, was found guilty after a secret trial and was given a 16-year sentence to serve in a Russian jail camp based on hidden evidence.

About Paul’s recent release, Sullivan noted in his statement on Wednesday that Paul and his family “recently demonstrated to the entire nation the meaning of generosity of spirit by celebrating a fellow American’s return while Russia continues its contemptible treatment of Paul as a bargaining chip.”

Biden noted that the government also successfully negotiated for American Trevor Reed’s release earlier this year when he claimed that the athlete’s release was “not a decision of which American to bring home.”

In a recent exclusive interview with news, Paul’s brother David Whelan said it could be challenging to maintain optimism in the face of the situation.

“Trevor Reed arrived at home, but Paul didn’t. Paul didn’t arrive home, but Brittney Griner did. When, if ever, will the Russian government accept that they have received what they wanted in order to release Paul, you start to question how many more shots the U.S. government will be able to take.”

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