Russian troops slaughter Ukrainian singer for rejecting a role in Kherson concert

Key takeaways: 

  • Global judgment quick after guide Yuriy Kerpatenko shot dead in his home.
  • Russian warriors have given dead a Ukrainian performer in his home after he would not participate in that frame of mind in Kherson, as per the way of life service in Kyiv.

Guide Yuriy Kerpatenko declined to partake in a show “expected by the occupiers to exhibit the purported ‘improvement of tranquil life’ in Kherson,” the service said in a proclamation on its Facebook page.

The show on 1 October was planned to include the Gileya chamber ensemble, of which Kerpatenko was the essential guide, yet he “completely would not help out the inhabitants,” the assertion said.

Kerpatenko, the essential guide of Kherson’s Mykola Kulish Music and Show Theater, had posted resistant messages on his Facebook page until May.

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The Ukraine’s Kherson territorial examiner’s office has sent off a conventional examination “based on infringement of the regulations and customs of war, joined with purposeful homicide.” Relatives outside Kherson lost contact with the guide in September, it said.

Judgment by Ukrainian and global artisans was quick. “The historical backdrop of Russia forcing a ‘consent or bite the dust’ strategy against craftsmen is the same old thing. It has a set of experiences which ranges for hundreds of years,” said the Finnish-Ukrainian guide Dalia Stasevska, who was planned to lead the Last Evening of the Proms at London’s Albert Corridor last month before it was dropped due to the Sovereign’s demise.

“I have seen excessive quiet from Russian associates,” she said. “Could this be the ideal opportunity for Russian performers, particularly those living and working abroad, to move forward and stand firm against the Russian system’s activities in Ukraine at long last?”

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