“Sister Wives” While discussing his problems with Meri, Kody Brown accidentally channeled Shania Twain

Kody Brown accidentally channeled Shania Twain
Kody Brown accidentally channeled Shania Twain

Kody Brown’s resurfaced video shows the Sister Wives star almost directly quoting Shania Twain’s song “Any Man of Mine.”

Kody Brown was attempting to be the ideal man for Shania Twain.

As the Sister Wives family officially disbands, TikTok is responsible for resurrecting one of the reality star’s funniest moments.

On the video app, an old Sister Wives clip surfaced showing a hilarious confessional moment in which Kody, 53, directly quoted one of Twain’s songs.

Those are, in fact, nearly the exact lyrics from Twain’s 1995 hit “Any Man of Mine.”

“If I change my mind and A million times/I need to hear him say/Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah), yeah, I like it that way,” Twain sings.

The TikTok, posted by user @chelseafricktok, juxtaposed clips from Sister Wives and Twain’s music video, prompting some viewers to speculate whether Kody is Twain’s biggest fan.

Kody Brown accidentally channeled Shania Twain; image from People

Another clip from the interview surfaced on Reddit last year, showing an unimpressed Meri sitting beside him during the Mark Twain-inspired segment.

News reported on Thursday that Kody and Meri are no longer legally married. This comes the same week Janelle Brown announced her divorce from Kody, just in time for Sister Wives: One on-One.

Meri confirmed in an exclusive news clip that Kody ended their marriage for good — though she remains open to reconciliation.

Christine Brown announced her conclusion to leave her plural marriage to Kody a year ago, in November 2021. With three wives no longer marry to the TLC star, only Robyn Brown — Kody’s “favorite” wife in the eyes of the others — remains his wife.

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