Lizzo’s mother give her the People’s Champion Award


Lizzo featured 17 activists on stage as she shared her accolade with them.

Lizzo is a champion and promotes other activists.

The “Rumors” singer was given the People’s Champion Award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday night by her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson.

I know that Lizzo has truly saved lives. No one is more deserving of this prize. I am so proud of her,” Shari said of Lizzo. “She has showed us all that we don’t have to adhere to anyone’s norms in order to be happy, to be creative, and to be important.”

Lizzo, 34, hugged her mother onstage and exclaimed to the audience, “My mama, y’all!”

The performer highlighted 17 activists throughout her address, inviting them to the stage alongside her.

Ever since the began of my career, I have use my platform to amplify marginalised voices. Tonight, I’m sharing this honor.

Mari Copeny, Shirley Raines, Yasmine Aker, Emiliana Guereca, Esther Young Lim, Felicia “Fe” Montes, Jayla Rose Sullivan, Maggie Mireles Thomas, Amelia Bonow, Odilia Romero, Tarlan Rabizadeh, Sahar Pirzada, Chandi Moore, Crystal Echo Hawk, Reshma Saujani, and Tamika Palmer were some of the activists.

Lizzo’s mother give her the People’s Champion Award;image from BOL news

According to a press release announcing the award in November, Lizzo was honoured for her “groundbreaking achievements to music and television, as well as her commitment to advocating overall diversity and inclusivity across colour, gender, sexuality, and size.”

Cassandra Tryon, SVP, Entertainment Live Events, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said of Lizzo, “She leads with kindness, advocates for inclusivity, and champions increased diversity and equity in the industry and beyond. Lizzo is not only an incredibly gifted performer and groundbreaking entertainer, but she is also a role model and inspiration to fans worldwide. She is a true “People’s Champion” because of her dedication to dismantling obstacles and enabling people to utilise their own voices to effect change.

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