Gogol Bordello plays a secret concert for Ukrainian troopers

Key takeaways: 

  • Gogol Bordello has played a mystery show for Ukrainian troopers; it’s been uncovered today (August 24).
  • Ukrainian frontman Eugene Hütz told Vice World News: “I truly needed to do this since it’s extraordinarily elevating so that contenders could see that Ukrainians all over the planet are one.”

“Individuals in Ukraine hear a great deal about the world’s fortitude; however, to see somebody genuinely coming to them is the point at which they trust it. Exertion like that changes things substantially.”

“To see our tunes being played so wildly by warriors and for fighters was the best trial of their value,” Hütz added. “If you believe you need to partake in saving existences of Ukrainian individuals who are shielding their tranquility and their country if it’s not too much trouble, give to Razom For Ukraine,” he added, talking about a non-benefit association that has previously raised millions for Ukraine.

Recently, Gogol Bordello held an oddball show in London this mid-year, with all returns from the show going to help those in Ukraine.

“London generally answered rambunctiously to what we do, maybe in light of its class.

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battles,” Hütz said in an explanation. “Punk and no-nonsense resembles a compassionate social hallway between all nations that arrangements with those issues and a ton of it created and developed muscles here. We are constantly eager to invigorate that hallway.”

“Starting from the start of intrusion, London has been an extremely focal spot of help for

Ukraine’s Victory – with raising support occasions, yet with each unmistakable sort of

backing to achieve Ukraine’s Victory as quickly as possible,” he proceeds. “We feel a debt of gratitude enormously. Much regard for that.”

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