Nigel Slater’s recipes for sauerkraut galette and pappardelle with greens and yogurt

Key takeaways: 

  • Simple does it with a delicious cheddar, onion pie, and a smoky veggie pasta dinner.
  • I have just gone through a festive evening in the kitchen making a freestyle pie, prodding the edges of the cake freely over the filling like a severely wrapped bundle, and baking it without a dish or pie plate.

I like this casual way of baking. Liberated from the limitations of a dish or tin, the pie is passed on to track down its shape on a baking sheet on the stove. A technique works with plums, apples, and cuts of pumpkin or potato – firm fillings that keep their shape instead of those that are delicate and sassy.

This pie is excellent with onions you have cooked until profoundly bronze and delicate enough to pulverize between your finger and thumb.

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Add strips of sauerkraut to adjust their pleasantness, and you are ready to go. Layer them with a decent grinding of sharp cheddar and a modest bunch of hacked nuts, and you have a fantastic pie.

Leaf fall has likewise pushed me (joyfully) toward pasta dinners. Leading was a dish of wide strips of pappardelle thrown with buttered chard leaves, sweet onions, and smoked paprika. A breaking recipe for a cold fall day.

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