Anthony Hopkins Celebrating his 47 years of sobriety with the motivational message “Celebrate Yourself”

Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins

“Get aid no matter where you are. Be not ashamed, “In a motivational New Year’s video message, the actor and sober individual said

Anthony Hopkins has achieved forty-seven years of sobriety.

The two-time Oscar winner celebrated on Thursday by posting a motivational message about the importance of self-love on Instagram.

Hopkins, 84, said, “I want to wish everyone a happy new year and say I’m celebrating 47 years of sobriety today. “This letter isn’t meant to be serious, but I hope it will be useful. I’m an alcoholic in recovery. I am aware that there are so many who are struggling, so to you out there.”

He continued, “Be gentle to yourself in this day and age of cancel and hatred and non-compromise, children being bullied. ‘Be good.

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If someone offends you, avoid engaging with them in toxic relationships. Enjoy your life. Be happy with your life.

Hopkins continued by remembering his “desperate condition, in despair,” which he had gone through over 50 years before becoming clean and when he had “certainly not long to live.”

The actor remarked, “I just had to admit one day that something was genuinely wrong with me. I was unaware that the behavior was an addiction or alcoholism, a mental, bodily, and emotional illness.

Hopkins said, “I want to tell all you young people who are being bullied to take note – you be proud of yourself. “Don’t take their advice. Don’t allow others to diminish you. Anxiety and depression can occasionally coexist in the human experience. Life is difficult.

But speak to someone if you need assistance with any addictions or problems. He suggested talking to someone you respect and attending a 12-step program or counseling. There are 12-step programs in every city and country that can help you realize who you are. You will have a completely new life because it is entirely free.

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