President Biden stated that he is “simply so proud” of Hunter

President Biden stated that he is 'simply so proud' of Hunter.
President Biden stated that he is "simply so proud" of Hunter.

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  • President Joe Biden appeared on CNN This evening With Jake Tapper on Tuesday, discussing the potential legal issues that could arise in the future for his kid Tracker.

President Joe Biden showed up on the debut of CNN This evening With Jake Tapper Tuesday, where he tended to the conceivable lawful difficulties that could be approaching in his child Tracker’s future. It was as of late revealed that government examiners accept they have sufficient proof to accuse the president’s child of expense wrongdoings and offering a misleading expression connected with the acquisition of a weapon. Biden started by communicating pride that Tracker has conquered his illicit drug use.

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“Above all else, I’m glad for my child. This is a youngster who got — not a youngster; he’s a developed man. Moreover, he got snared like other families have been snared on drugs. That’s what he’s beaten. He’s laid out another life,” Biden said. “I’m sure that he is — what he stated and does are reliable with what occurred. For instance, he composed a book about his concerns and was straightforward. I’m glad for him.”

Biden mentioned that Tracker expounded on the issue with the weapon buy in his diary, Wonderful Things.

President Biden stated that he is 'simply so proud' of Hunter.
President Biden stated that he is ‘simply so proud’ of Hunter. Image form Yahoo News

“He went along and said, coincidentally, this thing about a weapon; I knew nothing about it,” Biden said. “However, turns out that when he made [the] application to buy a firearm, what happened was he — I suppose you get asked — I don’t figure, you get posed the inquiry, ‘Are you on medications or use drugs?’ He said no and expounded on expressing no in his book.”

Also, Biden emphasized his trust in Tracker and that he’s pleased with what his child has survived.

“I have extraordinary trust in my child. I love him,” Biden said. “He’s on an honest way of living and has been for several years. Furthermore, I’m simply so glad for him.”

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