Kanye West: JP Morgan Chase cuts relations with rapper

Key takeaways: 

  • US banking goliath JP Morgan Pursue is cutting off its friendship with the rapper and planner Kanye West, who currently goes by the name Ye, and his Yeezy image.
  • A moderate reporter posted a letter from the bank illuminating Mr. West regarding the choice on Twitter.

At the end of the week, his Twitter and Instagram accounts were suspended after he posted enemy Semitic messages.

The BBC figured out the letter from JP Morgan pre-dated late contentions, as it was sent on 20 September.

In the letter, the bank gave Mr. West until 21 November to move his business.

JP Morgan Pursue declined to remark.

Mr. West had recently taken to online entertainment to condemn JP Morgan’s authority and said they wouldn’t give him admittance to the bank’s CEO, Jamie Dimon.

He let Bloomberg in September know that he was disputing his corporate accomplices and that “it’s the ideal opportunity for me to go solo.”

Delegates for Mr. West didn’t promptly answer a solicitation for input from the BBC.

The move by JP Morgan comes as Mr. West’s business organizations have gone under expanded investigation.

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